About Us

We are our own customers.

When software engineers Richard Scappaticci Jr. and Colton Seal set out to build a Neobank in 2016, they immediately noticed that their customers kept asking to send money across borders. Additionally, they discovered that a unified platform for expanding FX internationally did not exist. In 2018, they pivoted their efforts and decided to build a developer-first product that provided a single API to make cross-border payments and international expansion more accessible. And just like that, Routefusion was born.

Today, they've gathered a group of people passionate about improving the Foreign Exchange landscape and have built an infrastructure offering the tools, technology, and support so that any business wanting to expand into new markets doesn't need to go through the same pains they experienced.

From local to global, our API takes you there.

Our vision is to make it easy for any business around the world to access global banking rails without the complexities and roadblocks associated with global banking. We provide access to international bank accounts, connect our customers to local payment systems, and facilitate FX transactions in one platform while allowing them to embed and offer the same services to their customers via our APIs.

Traditionally, companies launch in their local market until they're big enough to expand internationally through traditional banking methods - which takes a lot of time and is very costly. Routefusion is not a traditional BaaS company. We're founded on the belief that going international first is the best way to capture more market share and win your category. Our customers like Jeeves, Synapse, and Tribal, all think the same way, so choosing to work with Routefusion and build products with us was such an easy decision.

The Future of Global Payments at Your Fingertips

When building with Routefusion, you'll work closely with our product and implementation teams to create a customized integration and onboarding plan. If we don't currently support the country you're expanding to, we'll find a way to support your product goals. We want to make your lives easier, your product better, and your customers happier. This is what gets our engines revving!


Routefusion is building global financial and payments infrastructure to help businesses scale around the world. We’ve built a network of global banking partnerships to provide access to bank accounts, global payments systems, and foreign exchange, all from a single platform.*

Many companies miss out on global opportunities as they grow, delaying expansion because of the complexity of international financial operations. At Routefusion we want to empower global-first companies to move quickly and win share by simplifying global finance. Most of our customers are international-first builders, who know first hand that early expansion is critical and Routefusion is the easiest way to get there.

Routefusion works with each customer to create customized onboarding and integration plans. As a product-led company, our users dictate our roadmap—whether it’s adding new countries or customizing reports, we’re excited to build with you to unlock international growth. We even take on compliance so that you can access all of our financial partners from a single integration. If you’re ready to go global, Routefusion is here to help.

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