New partner alert 🚨: Evolve Bank & Trust

Colton Seal
July 24, 2023

As you know, Routefusion is building a network of networks platform . That means we are constantly adding new Banks, Liquidity Providers, FX rails, payment networks, and more to our API's.

Today I want to announce that we’ve just launched with our newest partner, Evolve Bank & Trust!

Evolve is one of the first and one of the largest fintech-focused banks in the US. They power the banking services of fintechs like Mercury, Synapse, and Rho. They are also one of the top 5 largest ACH processors in the US. Needless to say, Evolve is a heavy hitter in the API banking space.

We’ve partnered with Evolve to power our US-based accounts and payments. With Evolve, our customers can get:

  1. Dedicated named accounts in the US for themselves
  2. Dedicated named accounts in the US for their own customers customers
  3. Unlimited virtual USD accounts for themselves
  4. Unlimited virtual USD accounts for their customers
  5. FDIC insurance on all accounts
  6. Direct Debits for USD
  7. ACH Processing
  8. Instant transfers between Evolve-sponsored accounts

Routefusion customers using Evolve range from marketplaces and fintechs to healthcare companies powering clinical trial payments. In the future, Evolve accounts will be an automatic starting point for USD transactions for all our customers. Businesses running marketplace and platform payments can also get access to expanded capabilities like customer-level accounts (with a little extra due diligence first 🥹😀).

We are super excited about our partnership with Evolve Bank & Trust, and cannot wait to help improve our customers’ (and their customers’) lives with this new partnership.

Hit us up if you want to learn more about how this could help your company!

Ciao for now!

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