The Rosetta Stone for Forex.

Richard Scappaticci
March 25, 2019

If you hang around software engineers long enough, you will probably hear the classic saying from Phil Karlton, "There are only two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, and naming things".

Here at Routefusion we have stumbled across the age old issue of naming, time and time again. In fact, one can argue our entire system revolves around this 'naming issue'. Why you ask? Simple. As one can expect, cross-border payments go hand-in-hand with Forex, and business goes hand-in-hand with cross border payments, but the semantics between the two do not. Forex jargon is typically not found in traditional business vocabulary. To give you a taste, some terminology may include: 'forwards', 'drawdowns', 'pip', etc.

At Routefusion we have learned that businesses in other industries do not have a full understanding of the Forex market. With this knowledge we cut out the 'excess' from leading Forex API's, translated the jargon into layman's terms and built a brand new API with terminology any engineer can understand. We then packaged it up into an easy to use SDK paired with industry leading documentation. You could say Routefusion has created the Rosetta Stone to the Forex world.

To find out more about Routefusion please visit the links below, cant wait to chat!

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