Multi-currency ledgers

Have total transparency of funds in multiple currencies

Unified Global ledger

Manage all of your global treasury accounts in one place

Dedicated accounts (not pooled)

Get a dedicated account in the US, EU, and the UK so you can bank like a local

Virtual accounts (aka wallets)

Get a dedicated virtual account in 20 different currencies so you can continue banking like a local… virtually

Pick and choose pricing without surprises.

Builder’s Plan

$3 per account monthly
$1,250 monthly minimum
  • Open GBP, EUR, and USD accounts in seconds
  • Get full ledgers for reconciliation
  • Management through an API or Routefusion Dashboard

Volume Pricing

If you’re a company with large volumes or you have a unique business model, we’ll work with you to find alternate pricing options.



  • Global view of treasury
  • Take control of collections
  • Do business with customers like a local
  • Hold accounts in your name

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Routefusion's easy onboarding allows you to immediately connect with multiple banking, FX, and local payout partners around the globe - with a convenient GraphQL API.