Direct debit

Instead of having your customers push you funds, set up direct debit mandates and begin pulling funds for invoices or building new checkout experiences using the power of direct debit. Available in the US, EU, UK, CA, and more coming soon!

Easily send money to beneficiaries

Wherever they are around the globe, send money to them in their local currency using local rails

Create money transfer experiences for customers

Build trust and loyalty with your customers by scheduling payments ahead of time. Regardless of global banking hours or holidays, achieve on-time payments in any market worldwide

Pick and Choose pricing without surprises.

Builder’s Plan

starting at
$2 per TXN
Billed in USD
  • Unlimited onboarding with new banking and payment partners to expand functionailtiy.
  • Direct access into a countries local payment system with no lift.
  • Shared Slack Channel with a Customer Success rep and an engineer.

Volume Pricing

If you’re a business with large payments volume or a unique business model, we’ll work with you to find alternate pricing options.



  • Develop a local checkout experience
  • Easily add a bank transfer to your checkout/account
  • Provide an alternative to credit rails
  • Use in-country instant payment rails and settle funds quicker


Start building with our API

Routefusion's easy onboarding allows you to immediately connect with multiple banking, FX, and local payout partners around the globe - in a convenient GraphQL package.