Local USD accounts for international platforms and non-resident businesses.

Enhance both your ecosystem and end-users’ experiences with seamless local collections, funding, and payment methods.

Open USD accounts for businesses in the EU, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India.

All accounts come with virtual accounts for reconciliation, and SWIFT payment access

Planned launch date of mid-Q3 2024

Starting with Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and United Kingdom 🫡

Wave goodbye đź‘‹ to burdensome cross-border fees while accessing local USD accounts.

Lower Cross-Border Fees

Save your business customers money when they transact or move money in the US.

Access US Payment Rails

Same Day ACH, ACH, SWIFT and FedNow.

Streamlined Account Management

USD and local currency accounts in a single workflow.


Onboard non-US resident businesses with confidence.

Account Segregation

Manage user accounts via sub-ledger, virtual accounts and unique identifiers.

New Revenue Stream

Capture revenue from your business clients’ USD spend and collect.

Join the revolution with local USD accounts for non-resident businesses.

Transform your platform with USD accounts, elevating both your ecosystem and end-users’ experiences with effortless local collections, funding, and payment methods. Secure your spot on our waitlist now!

USD products available through Routefusion ecosystem.

USD Accounts

Empower your business clients to efficiently save and manage funds in USD. Offer the convenience of opening accounts, savings accounts, and digital wallets, simplifying their financial tasks with ease and effectiveness.

FBO & Virtual Accounts

Interest Bearing Accounts

Sweep Programs

Money Movement


Same Day and Multiple Windows


International Wire Transfers with FX

FedNow ACH

Send Real-Time Payments via FedNow

Build end-to-end, compliant, FinTech platforms with Routefusion.

Technology and API

Our platform offers comprehensive implementation and support for launching financial platforms. Utilize our user-friendly APIs, enjoy an intuitive developer interface, and world-class implementation team to go live with multiple partners in weeks, not months.

Sponsor Partners

Customers will work directly with our sponsor banks and payment partners, enabling a compliant, fully engaged relationship between our partners and fintech customers, executed through our API and covered through direct agreements between our customers and partners.

Compliance Support

Leveraging our compliance stack, technology partners, and expert team, platform customers can provide onboarding to their end-users, integrate compliance workflows and actively monitor ongoing transactions and users all through one integration.